Friday, 19 June 2015

Another Arrest in Danczuk Family Saga

ANOTHER brother of Karen Danczuk, wife of the Rochdale MP, Simon Danczuk, this time a half-brother, has been reported as being arrested following allegations that he has been harassing her on Twitter with messages.   Paul Taylor, aged 48, is said to have been arrested last month.
The Greater Manchester Police have said that:  'A 48-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of harassment and bailed pending further inquires.'
Paul is the second brother to have faced complaints and allegations from Mrs. Danczuk, earlier this year Karen's 36-year-old brother, Michael Burke, was arrested over claims he raped her at home in Middleton repeatedly, when she was aged between six and twelve.
Michael has continually denied these allegations, has yet to be charged and the Greater Manchester Police, last week, told Northern Voices that 'he has been re-bailed until the 27th, August 2015'.
Mrs Danczuk, 31, who is mostly famed for posting revealing photos of herself on Twitter, has recently spoke out about how the accusations against Burke, as well as her rising media profile, has strained relations between herself and her family. 
With these potential cases pending, and the possibility of contamination of evidence, in the interest of justice it is surprising that Mrs. Danczuk should continue to express herself in such an incontinent fashion both on social media and on the BBC.   

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