Tuesday, 2 June 2015

How Many Cuts Have Been Stopped?

NSSN Response to Northern Voices
IT's just a month since the Tories won the general election and already workers are demonstrating how they can be stopped in their tracks! In the last week alone:-
  1. Education unions in Lewisham were due to take another two days of strike action this week against academisation but the plans have been deferred.
  2. Kone workers were going to continue their weekly Monday strikes against management’s attempts to use a tracking system as a disciplinary tool. But they too have won a victory.
  3. For the second time, the threat of national strike action by Network Rail workers has forced the bosses to improve a pay offer. This will now be voted on by reps.
This should give encouragement to the many other disputes developing at the moment.
We salute the indefinite Scottish strikes in Glasgow and Dundee and the lengthy strike at the National Gallery in London that is continuing after the fantastic PCS national protest last Saturday. And as you can read from this week’s NSSN bulletin, there are many disputes brewing.
This is the best answer to the Tories planned new anti-union laws. We repeat our call on the TUC and the unions to call a midweek national demonstration whenever Cameron’s laws go to Parliament with the threat of mass action if they are passed.

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