Monday, 22 June 2015

Our New Spain is Different!

by Carlos Beltran Buitrago     ( 21/06/2015 )                                                                                     

OUR new Spain is different! 

When in the majority of European countries the political parties are xenophobic, ultra nationalist, or simply Neo-Nazi, having lots of votes cast in favour of the traditional parties, in Spain the vote for change is clearly for the left and has components of the tradition of the 'libertarianism [anarchism] of Spain. 

It is necessary to offer some qualifications to this:  a few of the municipal candidates that have gone on to govern in the large towns and cities are candidates of the 'Unidad Popular' (Popular Unity) formed not just by Podemos, but by other parties of the left (Izquiera Unida [United Left], Equo, nationalist parties of the Left in Galicia, Baleares, Navarra, and the Basque country...) and citizen's movements (against the eviction of tenants from their homes; for the defence of public services in health, and education etc.).  Another thing is that the government of these towns it is necessary to seek the help of the P.S.O.E. (traditional Socialist Party).

For me the most important thing is that there is no group of the extreme Right that can capitalise on the discontent of sectors of the population, and the castigation which was received by the P.P. (Partido Popular- Conservative party) has robbed them of power and they will take years to recuperate.

So as Bob Dylan sang:  'The Times Are Changing', and everything started on 15M, and the movement of general resistance.

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Carlos B. said...

Seria conveniente que quedara claro, que el cambio politico en españa es claramente de izquierdas y apuesta por politicas más sociales en materia economica ,laboral, no discriminación, ecológica y sobre todo contra la desigualdad, todo gestionado con la participación de la ciudadania.........Salud.

(Let me make it clear, the political change in Spain is clearly that of the Left: and is for a politics more social in terms of matters economic, work; is non-discriminatory, ecological (green), and above all against inequality, and for the participation of the ordinary people. Salud!)[Editor]