Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mrs.Danczuk Dragged into Debtor's Court

Mr. & Mrs. Danczuk in happier times opening Danczuk's Deli in December 2013

MRS. Karen Danczuk, the former Rochdale Councillor, and wife of the famous MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk, was dragged into the debtor's court for failing to pay rent owed to the landlord of her former business, Danczuk's Delicatessen on The Walk in Rochdale town centre. 

Mr. Steven Butterworth, the owner of 4-6, The Walk, took out the case which resulted in a County Court Judgement (CCJ) for £2045.32 plus £217 costs against Mrs. Danczuk.

No rent on the property has been paid in 2015, and arrears are now building-up at a rate of £2,000 every 3-months.  Mrs. Danczuk had originally signed a lease for five years in October 2013.

In January this year, she abandoned the premises know locally as 'Danczuk's Deli', and told the landlord that she had transferred the business. 

Mr. Butterfield's solicitors, Ramsdens of Huddersfield, replied pointing out that there would have to be a formal deed of assignment between Karen Danczuk and the new tenant.  It was also stated that this could only happen with the permission of the landlord.  But even if the landlord agreed to such a transfer, Mrs. Danczuk's liability for the rent would not end, and that if the new tenant failed to cough-up the rent Karen herself would still have to find the money.

Yet if the recent article in the Sunday Times is anything to go by she could always sell some more scented selfies of her private parts, or alternatively sell the 4X4 White Range Rover on the drive standing outside her Rochdale bungalow. 
Mr. and Mrs. Danczuk (above) opened the delicatessen on The Walk in Rochdale town centre in December 2013.  At the time it was claiming to sell 'traditional Lancashire and continental delicacies', as well as wines, beers, cheese and cooked meats.

We were told:  'Foodies can dine in or out on soups, salads and sandwiches'
And Simon Danczuk MP spoke out saying:  'I’m putting my money where my mouth is and setting up a shop in the heart of Rochdale town centre.  I’ve always enjoyed business and I hope Rochdale folk enjoy what our deli has to offer'                                                                                               
Whereupon, Karen piped-up gushingly:
'We’ve been talking about setting up a business for some time and this has come from our shared passion for good food.  We both enjoy cooking and believe that a more diverse food offer in the town centre can only help.  We want our deli to become a real hub for the community where people can meet and enjoy some of the best food Rochdale has to offer on their local high street.' 

Only last weekend, Simon Danczuk was telling us in the Sunday Times that 'People should listen to businessmen "because they're successful".'    So successful it seems that they end up in the debtor's court!    For a Karen doppelganger go to 

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