Friday, 19 June 2015

Trades Council Missionaries in Local Communities

ALEC McFadden the North West TUC JCC delegate, has described the local trade union councils as the missionaries of the trade unions in the communities.  In a composite motion from Merseyside County TUC and Greater Manchester County TUC the Annual Trades Union Council 2015 Conference called upon the Trade Union Congress to admit a delegate to move a motion at the Congress.

The motion pointed out that 'Trade Union Councils have been the bridge between trade unions and local communities [and that] they have given guidance and support to local community groups' campaigns including opposing the bedroom tax, library closures and welfare benefit cuts whilst explaining to those same groups the effects of government cuts and why trade unions are in dispute and eliciting support for those disputes amongst the general public.'
'Trades Union Councils are the TUC in the community,' declared Mr. McFadden, 'and we are asking that our consistent work is fully recognised and that one delegate from the national conference is allowed to attend and move our motion as a delegate.' 

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