Monday, 15 June 2015

Spain: 'Alternative Left Govern in Big Towns'!

Podemos Party's Priority to Displace the Partido Popular
MADRID, Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza were the four cities were the party of the alternative left parties, including Podemos*, are now in control of municipal councils:  representing more than six million inhabitants.  The traditional socialist party, PSOE, and the conservative, PP, are in front in only four of the ten most populated towns. 
The traditional far left party, Izquierda Unida (United Left Party), including the old Communist Party (Partido Communista España), has now been largely swallowed-up by the alternative Podemos party. 
Last Saturday, the Spanish newspaper El País even ran a piece entitled 'Qué le ha ocurrido a   Izquierda Unida?'  ('What has happen to the United Left?').  One commentator told El País 'IU (Izquierda Unida)  is on the floor.'  There is now talk of a merger between IU and Podermos.

*  Wikipedia entry:
Podemos (Spanish: [poˈðemos], translated in English as "We can")[a] is a left-wing political party in Spain, founded in March 2014 by Pablo Iglesias.
Iglesias was a lecturer in political science at the Complutense University of Madrid and is a member of the European Parliament. In the 2014 European Parliament elections on 25 May 2014, Podemos received 7.98% of the national vote, with 1,200,000 votes cast, electing 5 MEPs.[6]
Podemos was founded in the aftermath of the 15-M Movement protests against inequality and corruption.[7][8] It is considered by some[according to whom?] as a left-wing populist party that seeks to address the problems of inequality, unemployment and economic malaise that followed in the wake of the European debt crisis. Podemos has called for a renegotiation of austerity measures and seeks to curtail the Treaty of Lisbon.
Podemos is the second largest political party in Spain by number of members after the People's Party (PP);[9] it became the third largest party within the first 20 days it allowed membership, with 100,000 signing up in that period,[10] and it currently has over 350,000 members.

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