Monday, 8 February 2016

Tameside Belly Flop - Keep Pools Local!

Tameside belly flop
by Paul Broadhurst.

We’re told three pools in Tameside cost too much to run
Need a new one building; 14 million to be done
Make for easy access for everyone to use
But having to travel further, community will lose
Top chiefs and the council, already have a plan
Is this opposition; just a load of spam?
‘Cause the towns this is affecting, councillors raise their voice
“We want to keep the pool round here” as if there is a choice
Suppose the May election is rattling the cage
Or are they truly listening to the people and their rage
But ha! its Tameside council consultation on deaf ears
End up doing what they want, as they have for years
So here’s one Tameside Council, Manchester do invest
On keeping amenities local, revamp is the best

Keep our pools local

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