Monday, 22 February 2016

Les May letter to Rochdale Observer

The letter below appeared in the Rochdale Observer
on Saturday, February 20th, 2016.  It was response
to an earlier letter from Andrew Kearney defending
Simon Danczuk, the MP for Rochdale.  Mr. Kearney
has been a long-term admirer of Mr Danczuk, and
was part of so-caled 'team Danczuk' before 2010. 
His name has even been linked to the now seemingly
defunct local website RAW (Rochdale Alternative Website).
Dear Editor,
If Andrew Kearney is going to write any more letters promoting the virtues of Simon Danczuk then I suggest he is careful to avoid accusing his political opponents of 'opportunism'.

Since the publication of his book 'Smile for the Camera' in April 2014 Mr Danczuk has taken every opportunity to promote himself as an 'expert' on historic sexual abuse, though we now know that his claim of a 'cover up' by Northamptonshire police is totally untrue and the only substantive evidence against Smith is story which appeared in Rochdale Alternative Paper in May 1979.

As a lifelong Labour voter I have something of an admiration for
Councillor Kelly as to the best of my knowledge he is the only person
who has been able to elicit a response from Mr Danczuk in the pages of the Rochdale Observer.

On a number of occasions I have used the Letters column to ask Mr Dancuk to tell us how many men who claimed to have been abused by Smith he interviewed before writing his book. He has declined to respond to these requests just as he declined to respond to my letter of 9 October 2014 to him on the same subject.
Les May

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