Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Parliamentary Watchdog Probes Mr. Danczuk

The report that appears below was issued
to Northern Voices last night by
the Rochdale Liberal Democrats:

SIMON Danczuk will be officially investigated for a 'mis-use' of public funds it has this morning been confirmed.  The Parliamentary Watchdog IPSA said in a letter to Rochdale Lib Dem David Hennigan, "It is my intention to open a formal investigation into the accommodation claims referred to in your complaint." They also confirmed that they are liaising with Greater Manchester Police, who will wait for the outcome of any investigation.

Dave Hennigan, who made the complaint on behalf of the Rochdale Liberal Democrats said: 

'I am pleased that the relevant authorities are taking my complaints so seriously.  What is clear is that Mr Danczuk is in serious, serious trouble and this could spell the end of a colourful Parliamentary career. All MPs are paid expenses to ensure that they can carry out their roles in both their constituencies and Parliament.  Mr Danczuk has used them to fill his already swelling coffers.'

Councillor Andy Kelly,Leader of the Rochdale Lib Dems said:  

'People in our town deserve better.  There are so many urgent issues that need tackling like for example child grooming, flooding and a raw deal from this Tory Government.  Instead, what we have is an MP all over the papers for the wrong reasons.  It's one thing being caught 'sexting' a 17 year old Constituent or having your chaotic private life splashed all over the media.  Mr Danczuk has clearly claimed for expenses that he should of.  Other former MPs have gone to prison for less. I hope that our MP can be open and honest during this process - he owes Rochdale that much.'

Commenting on Greater Manchester Police's involvement, IPSA said, I have spoken with Greater Manchester Police and they are content not to open a criminal investigation at this stage.  This leaves me free to progress my investigation.  A Spokesperson  from the investigation said: 

'I have spoken with Greater Manchester Police and they are content not to open a criminal investigation at this stage. This leaves me free to progress my investigation. IPSA and I are signatories to a memorandum of understanding with the police that requires me to inform the police if I have reason to suspect that a criminal offence may have been committed. I will adhere to this requirement should I develop such a suspicion.'

He continued:  'At the conclusion of the investigation and following the receipt of any representations from IPSA and the MP, I will draft a Statement of Provisional Findings. This will indicate whether I consider Mr Danczuk to have been paid an amount under the Scheme that should not have been allowed.'

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