Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Another 'Useful Idiot'?

by Les May
HAVING played the role of 'useful idiot' throughout most of last autumn Simon Danczuk now finds himself displaced by Michael Dugher as the Mail on Sunday's favourite Labour MP willing to have his name attached to a piece attacking Jeremy Corbyn.

One thing which does emerge from this story is that Mr. Dugher abandons the pretence of Danczuk and his ilk to be 'moderates', and declares himself to be a 'Labour Right-winger'.

Dugher may be flattered to be called a 'senior Labour MP' and 'seen by some as a future Labour leader'. He may even be flattered to be described as 'a reverse image of pro-Palestinian, shell-suited, Left-wing, national-anthem-mumbling, vegetarian, teetotal, pacifist Corbyn', but to be described as 'plotting his own revenge' is an act of foolishness he may live to regret.

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