Saturday, 6 February 2016

Simon Danczuk's Parking Charges

THE local website ROCHDALE ONLINE has revealed that Simon Danczuk, the MP for Rochdale who is presently suspended from the Labour Party, faces more probes into his parliamentary expenses.  It has come to light that over a four month period from April to August 2015, Mr. Danczuk has claimed parking charges of £672.50, including a single bill of £178.50 on the 1st, August 2015 for parking in Manchester.

The leader of the Rochdale Liberal democrats, Andy Kelly has said:
'Yet again our MP's expenses are in the spotlight.  To claim this amount of money is crazy.  Let's not forget that this is the man who recently spoke in support of Rochdale commuters.  He could have avoided this hefty bill by getting the train to Manchester with everyone else - it's only 20 minutes for God's sake.  Metrolink is longer, but would drop him off at Piccadilly for his "first class" train to London.  Questions must be asked why he claimed £178 for parking in August.  Parliament wasn't even sitting, he should have been in Rochdale doing his day job...  These claims are systematic of the attitude that Mr. Danczuk has to tax payer's money.  I'd be very interested in his response.'

ROCHDALE ONLINE reports that Mr. Danczuk did not reply to a request for a comment.  But his parking charge claims are as follows:

Parking 07/04/2015












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