Wednesday, 7 November 2012

'Whistleblower' tells Parliamentary Committee that Carillion were operating a Blacklist!

The following report was sent via the Blacklist Support Group:

1. Alan Wainwright evidence to Select Committee investigation into blacklisting

There is a paper trail and a reference code on Carillion's own internal computer database whenever workers were refused work because of the Consulting Association blacklist which was set up by me says Alan Wainwright - ex-Director turned whistleblower - giving evidence to the Scottish Affairs Select Committee investigation into blacklisting this afternoon.

"I was blacklisted for giving information to an Employment Tribunal" - Alan Wainwright

View his evidence here:

Alan wainwright also named senior figures in the industry who were involved in blacklisting:
Frank Duggan - Group Personell Director for Carillion PLC - all blacklist name checks were sent via Frank Duggan at Carillion Head office. Kevin Gorman - HR for Crown House division of Carilion - now HR for Bristow Helicopters offshore.

Liz Keates - Head of HR at Carillion

Sandy Palmer - NCS (Carilion in-house employment agency)

Dave Aspinall - NCS (Carillion in-house employment agency)

John Ball - Head of Human Resources at Carillion

Roger Robinson & Brian Tock - 2 Managing Directors of Crown House division of Carillion - both discussed the Consulting Association blacklist with Alan Wainwright

Sheila Knight - EMCOR - Drake & Scull - circulated lists of workers on Pfizers, Royal Opera House and Jubilee Line amongst senior managers on other firms.

Michael Aird - Balfour Kilpatrick

Prue Jackson - Personnel Director - Hayden Young

David Brinckley - Hayden Young

Union people who knew about the blacklist:

Derek Simpson - Amicus General Secretary since 2005

Mickey Tuff - Amicus official - discussed with Alan Wainwright in 2004.


Crossrail blacklisting dispute continues:

3. ICO fails to release all the blacklist files as required by a Court Order

The ICO has released unredacted blacklist files to Guney, Clark & Ryan solicitors under a Court Disclosure Order as part of the High Court claim. For some so-far unexplained reason a number of files have not been sent including Brian Higgins (the individual with the largest blacklist file) and Jonny Jones (UCATT bricklayer).

What is going on?

GCR are currently chasing the files that got "lost" in transit to see whether it is a genuine mistake or if there is some other explanation. Watch this space.

4. ICO disclosure to GMB & UCATT

The ICO has provided the GMB and UCATT unions a list of names for the people on the blacklist to enable them to check against their own membership database. Expect more files to be released very soon.

5. Scottish blacklisting Meeting

There will be a special meeting to discuss blacklisting in our industry with top lawyers Liam Dunne and Brendan Clough.

The meeting will take place on:

10:30am Saturday 17th November 2012


333 Woodlands Road


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