Saturday, 24 November 2012

Daily Mail Claims 'Damning Police Files' Snatched by MI5

AT our now daily press conference on Northern Voices this morning, John Walker, formerly an editor of the Rochdale Alternative Paper (RAP), told me that Andrew Malone had run with the story of 'Cyril Smith, child abuse and chilling claims of a political cover-up'.   This is the latest break in the story we on N.V., Paul Waugh and Rochdale MP, Simon Danczuk first released almost two weeks ago. 

The Daily Mail story gives the background of how the newspaper RAP was first established in the early 1970s.   The Mail writes that in May 1979, the Rochdale Alternative Paper'Known as RAP, the newspaper, which cost 9 pence and was distributed by volunteers in pubs, devoted its entire cover to a story headlined:  Strange Case of Smith the Man.'  Then 'Inside across two pages, the report detailed - in harrowing, graphic terms - the systematic sexual abuse of young boys at a children's home set up by local dignitaries and funded by the Lancashire town's Rotary Club.'  Yet, it says:  'What really created a stir was the man identified as the chief paedophile: Cyril Smith.'  This man, it says was 'Elected as the local Liberal MP in 1972, a position he held for the next 20 years, the 29-syone 50-year-old was as famous for his weight as his political views.'

The article continues:  'Known nationally as "Big Cyril" the unmarried politician had first come to prominance when he bizarrely named his mum as First Lady of Rochdale after he became mayor in 1966, saying he wanted to "thank her" for everything.'

Eeee Northern Mothers, you can't beat 'um!  It's a pity you can't marry 'um!

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