Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Rochdale Council Snubs Rochdale Online!

AFTER some speculation about Rochdale Council leader, Colin Lambert's attitude to the website Rochdale Online it was confirmed today that Rochdale Council has withdrawn its co-operation from the website Rochdale Online, in possible breach of its own media policy.  Yesterday, Rochdale Online reported as follows:  'Rochdale Borough Council has confirmed in an email that it is refusing to respond to enquiries made by Rochdale Online, this further escalates the ongoing discrimination by Rochdale Borough Council against Rochdale Online; the Council has also been refusing to issue media releases to Rochdale Online that are routinely sent to other local and regional media organisations, and has even told a non-council organisation that it cannot publicise an event on the free Rochdale Online events diary - it could and did!'

This is a freedom of information issue, and Rochdale Online yesterday reminded us of the 'Local Authority Code of Conduct', stating: 'Publicity about local authorities and the services they provide should be freely available to anyone who wishes to receive such information in a format readily accessible and understandable by the person making the request or by any particular group for which services are provided.' 

At no time, it seems, has Rochdale MBC had any discussions with Rochdale Online explaining why it is 'flouting the Code of Conduct' and snubbing the website.

Furthermore, it is reported that Colin Lambert, the Labour leader of Rochdale Council, cornered a Rochdale Online reporter in a local restaurant shouting:  'Rochdale Online is finished'.  It seems that Councillor Lambert is a bit thin-skinned about the website's persistent failure to bow to his lofty manner. 

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