Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Manchester Anarchist Bookfair

IT is reprehensible that the Northern Anarchist Network which has the support and active participation of anarchist groups and individuals  has been effectively banned from the Manchester Anarchist Bookfair.   I attempted to post a comment on the web site giving my name and e-mail and it was blocked.    Censorship and bans imposed by the bookfair organisers should be condemned.    Everyone attending the bookfair should hold the organisers to account and seek an explanation  for such authoritarian actions which are the hallmark of marxist leninist organisations and have no place within the libertarian movement.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the leaflet you lot were handing out at the bookfair - I totally agree!! Getting squirted with salad cream is definitely comparable to Kristallnacht. Who could forget the infamous Nazi creaming squad - the Gestalpro Soya - and their terrible history of knocking on people's doors, spraying them with cream and running off with their leaflets.

Now I know there will be naysayers and critics who will try to argue that comparing a government sponsored race riot in a fascist dictatorship to some people spraying you with cream for writing horrible things about their loved one is an act of unbelievably crass stupidity which would make any sensible person spew. Rest assured that these people are just like FRANCO AND THE NAZIS and can be safely ignored.

In closing I'd like to be the first to thank you all for such sterling work in combating fascism within our movement today. Never before has so much been written on the internet, about so little, by so few. Goodbye!!

bammy said...

And then, what did we get last weekend? At the Manchester Anarchist Bookfair last Saturday, the nephew of a Holocaust victim was allegedly expelled at about 3.45pm, and accused of 'Anti-Semitism'. Really these people, including the A.F., Nick Heath and his mates from London, who you are now defending must be judged by their actions, not by their professed beliefs.