Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Daily Mail - an apology from a former editor of RAP - John Walker

IN the past I may have, inadvertently, given the impression that I regarded the Daily Mail as an unpleasant right-wing rag that pandered exclusively to the Little Englander self-interests of Britain's comfortable middle class. I may also, accidentally, have had occasion to suggest that the publication, run by the heirs of nineteen thirties-fascist sympathisers, who today display a contempt for the underprivleged and underdogs, does not deserve a place on the newstands and breakfast tables of this fine country of ours.

Some of my words may have been misinterpreted as indicating that I felt that the publication's contempt for foreigners - asylum seekers and migrants whose pigmentaion was not totally white - was absolutely dispicable.

It would be unfortunate, in the extreme, if these impressions were conveyed to you, in our frequent conversations on the subject of the Daily Mail.
I would like to clarify any such misunderstandings and possible ambiguities about my attitude to the newspaper and today declare my belief that it is a fine upstanding organ of deceny, seeker of the truth, and purveyor on insightful political analysis.

For now I feel at ease. For over thirty years some of my ramblings have been treated as those of a delusional paranoid fantacist. Her Majesty's Daily Mail has now exonerated me form such charges. I am a free man, and officially declared sane by the heirs to Rothermere in Saturday's edition. Saturday was, incidentally the day of my oldest son Owen's wedding, to Sarah.
So, as one chapter closes - another opens.

Please take a moment to read the link, below.

John Walker: Former editor of the Rochdale Alternative Paper (RAP), but now living in the East End of London.

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