Monday, 26 November 2012


THE pantomime season began early this year, on the 27th, October in fact at the London Anarchist Bookfair (see our post below 'Falling Over Five Leaves' on Tuesday 30th, Oct. 2012, or the  Five Leaves Blog at  {dated 28th, October 2012})with Sally Hyman making her debut as the 'Salad Cream Queen' and Mike Ballard doing a turn as her ugly sister, and a troop of Nutcracker Soldiers from the Anarchist Federation of Great Britain, marching forth to give the event a feeling of supreme menace.  Ms. Hyman did a sparkling turn as the dignified Queen of the salad cream, bless her!  For this reason Northern Voices - Radical Voice of the North, is dedicating its first recipe of the season to her for her delightful performance and handling of the salad cream tube at Queen Mary’s, University of London on the Mile End Road with such skillful aplomb that she must have spent hours practicing in front of the mirror.

Ms. Hyman lives in Oldham, and is an English teacher who was in 2010, honoured for her work at the annual Human Rights Awards by the pressure group Liberty at London’s Southbank Centre.  At the time of her award, at the age of 51-years, she was working at the Waterhead Academy.

For this reason, and Northern Voices' commitment to the arts particularly theatrical performances, we are dedicating our first dish of this season to her.
Salad Cream Dressing:
1 dessertspoon of dry mustard.
1oz. sugar.
1 tablespoon of flour.
Pinch of Salt.
2 eggs.
7.5 fluid oz. vinegar.
0.5 of double cream.
Mix the mustard with the sugar, flour and salt.  Blend in the eggs and vinegar.  Put mixture in a double boiler and stir until it thickens.  Leave to get quite cold, then add enough cream to give a pouring consistency.

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