Monday, 26 November 2012

Photograph the Kerr tomorrow!

Ian Kerr, the only person to have been convicted because of the blacklisting scandal, will be giving evidence in parliament at a Scottish Affairs Select Committee investigation into blacklisting in employment on Tuesday. Kerr was the Chief Executive of the Consulting Association which coordinated the blacklisting of trade union members on behalf of 44 of the largest construction firms in the UK including Carillion, Balfour Beatty, Skanska, Costains, Kier, Bam and Vinci. He was fined a paltry £5000 for a breach of the Data Protection Act in 2009.

Blacklisted workers from the Blacklist Support Group, whose lives have been ruined by the illegal conspiracy will pack the public gallery and have a mass photo call outside parliament.
Photo-opportunity with blacklisted workers
1:30pm Tuesday 27th November 2012
Outside Houses of Parliament, Westminster.
Live video stream of convicted blacklister Ian Kerr giving evidence to parliament - starts at 2;30pm on Tuesday.

Any journalists interested in the story please contact me for more info

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