Monday, 5 November 2012

Blacklist update - 1st November

1. "McAlpine were checking an average of 65 names a day during the mass
recruitment stage of the Olympics stadium construction project. Public
money was being spent on blacklisting construction workers.

The Blacklist Support Group raised concerns and held protests but they
were largely ignored because no-one wanted to believe that it was
going on."

Evidence by UCATT General Secretary Steve Murphy and Jim Kennedy at
the Scottish Affairs Select Committee investigation into blacklisting
on 30th October 2012

Full video evidence here:

2. Carillion have issued a statement to the Select Committee continuing to deny any involvement in blacklisting by their senior management in any part of the business other than Crown House.

Alan Wainwright (blacklisting whistleblower and ex-Director of Crown House) gives his version of what was going on at Carillion. Read his blog here:

Alan Wainwright will be giving evidence to the Select Committee at 2:30pm next Tuesday

3. HRBlacklist website

RMT identify a website set up to blacklist union activists:

plus we made The Times today

Blacklist Support Group

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