Wednesday, 28 November 2012

NORTHERN ANARCHIST COOKBOOK III: French Dressing & Dominique Strauss-Kahn

NOW-THEN it's a month since the Oldham schoolmistress, Ms Sally Hyman put on her star performance as the 'Salad Cream Queen' with her soldiers of the British Anarchist Federation in a scene from the 'Nutcracker Suite' at Queen Mary’s, University of London on the Mile End Road during the London Anarchist Bookfair, but now the French are at it with a play called 'Suite 2806', which opened in Paris this month and is based upon the actual 9-minute encounter between the 63-year-old Mr. Strauss-Kahn and a West African maid who he was accused of raping in a New York hotel room; the tale is extended to cover more than an hour which Doreen Carvajal describes in the Herald Tribune as 'a duel of words and psychological torment'.   The play's director, Philippe Hersen has said he sees Mr. Strauss-Kahn as a 'modern day Marquis de Sade who used his power to seduce women.' 

There is reported to be 'queasiness (that) still seems widespread in France' about the lustful Mr. Strauss-Kahn and his appetites for sex with almost everything that moves, and already a proposed film about Strauss-Kahn with Gerald Depardieu in the leading role was dropped for lack of finance from uneasy production companies.  Yet on the night of the Parisian play's premiere it was a sell-out. 

Jelle Saminnadin, who plays the maid, said she knew men like Strauss-Kahn, adding:  'I've encountered men like that with power... (i)f you have money then you think you have power over everything, including women.'  Eric Debrosse, who takes off Strass-Kahn, had to bleach his hair white and put on more than 13 pounds, on a diet of sausage and French fries.  The idea of French fries only brings back memories of Sally, because someone suggested that Northern Voices should in future fill its bookstall with French fries, so that we can spread the salad cream over them when the 'Queen of the Salad Cream' comes round again.

In commemoration of these two events let's dedicate today's recipe for French Dressing to 'Andy' from the London Anarchist Federation - a loyal soldier of the Salad Cream Queen on the day of the Anarchist Bookfair:
3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
1 teaspoon of Wine Vinegar/ or Sherry Vinegar.
1 teaspoon of French mustard.
A big clove of Garlic.
A small bunch of chopped chives.
A teaspoon of chopped tarragon.
A pinch of sugar.
A pinch of salt.
A liberal sprinkling of black pepper.
All mixed up together
Vive la France!!!

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