Friday, 30 November 2012

What's in a name?

BELOW are two e-mails:  one a demand from 'Alex', the Secretary of the Anarchist Federation, telling Northern Voices to 'remove' from the NV Blog the names of some of the perpetrators of a public attack on the Northern Voices stall at the London Anarchist Bookfair on the 27th, Oct. 2012; the other the response from the Northern Voices' Editorial Panel to this demand.  We have to report that as of yet there has been no reply to our e-mail from the Northern Voices Editorial Panel
From: National Secretary AFed (
Sent: 06 November 2012 22:01:45 
In two recent articles on your "Northern Voices" blog you posted the
names of anarchists including members of the anarchist federation,
please remove them immediately.
National Secretary
Anarchist Federation

Dear Alex (sent 14th, Nov. 2012),
I am sorry for my delay in answering your instruction below (above). I have had to consult the other members of the NV Editorial Panel. The position is that you must tell us:

Does the Anarchist Fed. disassociate itself from the threats issued by the leaders of the group that confronted the editor of NV: Sally Hyman/Miller, Mike Ballard, Claire (Nottingham) & Andy (London) and the other members of your organisation?

Until we have a clear statement from you and the Anarchist Fed. in writing on the participation of your members in this attack at the London Anarchist Bookfair on the Northern Voices' stall and its editor, we cannot possibly consider your demands below. Hope that you will be able to oblige.

Brian Bamford: NV Editor & Chair of the NV Ed. Panel

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