Friday, 3 March 2017

Ricky Tomlinson outs Richard Whiteley as MI5 Spy

RICKY Tomlinson, the actor star of The Royle Family reckons Richard Whiteley, the late TV Countdown presenter was working for the security services. 
Ricky made the claim about Whiteley during an interview marking the opening of a Wetherspoons pub in Chester.
Mr. Tomlinson, was a plasterer before taking up a career in comedy, and he helped to organise the controversial national building workers’ strike in during the 70’s at the same pub.
In 1973, he was sentenced to two years in prison after having been found guilty of 'conspiracy to intimidate' as one of the so-called Shrewsbury Two with Des Warren
The actor and other campaigners have long believed that he was the victim of an establishment set-up.
The Labour MP and a former Defence Minister Peter Kilfoyle is now calling on the Government to own up over the affair, which has remained shrouded in secrecy for 35 years.
Mr Kilfoyle spoke out after the Cabinet Office refused to release its secret files on the case, which include a report to the then Prime Minister Edward Heath, because of the need to 'protect the security services'.
Today the Daily Express reports:  'Files released earlier this year show the then head of MI5, Sir Michael Hanley, intervened personally to block Ricky’s release, claiming that he was involved in a communist plot to destabilise Britain.'
Ricky and his friend Dezzie Warren were dubbed the 'Shrewsbury Two' after being jailed for organising a picket in the town in 1972. The pair, who both spent much of their sentences in solitary confinement, staged a 22-day hunger strike in a bid to be declared political prisoners. Mr Kilfoyle said he would now launch an appeal to get the information released.

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