Saturday, 18 March 2017

An Example of Agency Blacklisting

Below are the contents of a post posted on Thursday, 16th, March 2017, on the whistle-blower, Alan Wainwright's Blog: 
The following is an extract from a text message sent by recruitment consultant, Grace Griffiths from recruitment agency, BCL Recruitment to pipefitter Tim Irwin last Monday.

"Well done mate"

"You will be blacklisted from every agency in London and Kent now" 

"I've done this a long time so good luck getting another job" 

"You must be a special kind of stupid if you can't even read a text" 

The text (which can be downloaded HERE) continues with various insults towards him.

I have spoken to Grace, who informed me that she could not blacklist anyone as she did not have access to the computer system at head office. 

BCL Recruitment's website is HERE

On this they state the following in the 'About Us' section:

"BCL employ the creme of the crop in respect of our staff" 

The website details the actual company as Bullet Contracting Limited (Company 07781001). A Companies House search reveals the only registered Director as Francis Joseph Boyle. I did contact Mr Boyle for comment, only to be laughed at by Amy at his office.

Yesterday, Tim received a call from a man called Raman Sunmonu, who informed him that Grace actually worked for his company, Sidney Mould Recruitment (Company 10392824). 

Mr Sunmomu described the text from Grace as "disgusting" and informed Tim that Grace was no longer working for him as a result.

A Linkedin search earlier this week reveals Grace's actual employer for the last three years as BCL Recruitment. However, the Linkedin page was taken down yesterday. 

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