Friday, 24 March 2017

Answer to Councillor Cecile Biant in Fly-Tip Row

from Mick Coats:
JUST a few thoughts on Cllr Biants email to you:
First and foremost, the reply to my request for information has not been properly answered.
My original email was sent at the beginning of February, seven weeks ago.  That's a long holiday.
I never said, sorry 'proclaimed' that I was an expert. What I said was that Save Spodden Valley (SSV) have access to international experts.
Incidentally, untill my recent retirement I was a Chartered Member of the Institute of Safety and Health (CMIOSH) with my own health and safety company. You say that you are
'Familiar with (my) employment over many years' - what does that mean?
The piles of rubbish have littered the site for over 6 months and it is not possible to ascertain whether they are a threat to public health without due examination. What does 'mainly inert' mean in this context? 'Mainly' is not reassuring!
I am surprised at your description of councillors - Cllr Farnell, Cllr Brett, 'positive, knowledgeable, friendly, relaxed, and diligent.' Really?
Which (and who's) emails are 'hell-bent on nastiness or self indulgence'?  Examples please.  With regard to councillors, you say -
'Most (not all, name the ones who haven't) of us have a great deal of common sense, wisdom and experience'.
So why do you want to see 250 houses built on a highly contaminated site?
More substance, openness and cooperation would benefit resolution of the problems of this highly contaminated site which has been responsible for blighting, and ending, the lives of so many residents of Rochdale.

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