Thursday, 2 March 2017

Councillor Emsley Invites Us To Join Gravy Train

  ROCHDALE's Councillor Emsley, who represents Littleborough Lakeside and is the Cabinet Member for Culture, Health and Well-being on Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council, has responded below with passion to the report on this Blog about last Wednesday's full Council meeting.   It represents a very informative account of how Northern Voices or any other disgruntled locals, may seek to board the glorious gravy train of stipends, expenses and perks that being a Rochdale councillor now represents.
Her account together with the links to useful cites on how to become a councillor will be very helpful to anyone interested.  Alas, our job as critics is not to join the good councillors in their endevours, but to do the job of the eye-witness to the affairs of everyday politics and life, and to try to make sense of what is going on. 

 For coverage of the meeting of Rochdale MBC full council meeting filmed by Carl Faulkner last year; showing how the Rochdale councillor's voted through their 34% rise in the councillor's stipend go to
Councillor Janet Emsley,
Title: Cabinet Member for Culture, Health and Wellbeing
Party: Labour
Ward: Littleborough Lakeside
Dear Mr Bamford
In response to your email may I direct you to the following websites:

You can find out more here:

These sites can help you to become a councillor.
You may prefer to stand for election in Manchester where the basic allowance is £16,307 and special allowances go up to£40725.

Just to give some perspective / comparison: In Oldham the Health & Wellbeing Cabinet Member receives a basic allowance of £9239 and special responsibility of £16630. I receive £7812 and £10536 respectively, this represents approximately one third of my previous employment earnings for almost the same number of hours.

I will continue to work hard for the residents of Rochdale Borough no matter how much I get. I sought election to make a difference and to offer my skills and experience to my community, I strive to do my best for you.

With regard to the Spatial Framework phase 2 of the public consultation will take place later this year,
Councillor Janet Emsley
Cabinet Member for Culture, Health & Wellbeing
Rochdale Borough Council
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Carl Faulkner said...

Smugness, arrogance - it's what I and many others have come to expect.

bammy said...

I think it just goes to show that the protests from the local public are getting under the good councillor's skin!