Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Loose Women Hero Scapegoat's Brother

AIDED by the Murdoch press through The Sun and the local press Karen Danczuk, and occasional panelist on the program 'Loose Women', has claimed that, according to the Rochdale Observer'all five of the "targeted" attacks (on her Range Rover) have happened since her brother was jailed for raping her as a child'.
Ms. Danczuk has shown an interest in becoming a member of parliament and since serving as a Labour councillor on Rochdale Council now sees herself as a public figure or minor celebrity.  Hence, she seems to be seizing every opportunity to promote herself, especially since she was the prime witness in a successful case against her own brother for child abuse involving rape.
The latest chance to get noticed was when she Tweeted:
'These attacks are either linked to the trial or a sheer coincidence. They are clearly targeted at me for whatever reason and I can only speculate.' 
It seems the vehicle's paintwork has been scratched and the petrol cap somehow tampered with, the last straw being last Friday when nail were sprinkled before her Range Rover.  The media and TV celebrity has said she has contacted the police.
The media which has been fulsome with its praise for her public promotions has only thought fit to send gossip columnists, rather than their crime or political correspondents, to cover the latest story of Karen Danczuk.
The Daily Mail sent Isobel Frodsham some of whose international stories have appeared on /, and include juicy titles like  

Armed raider frogmarched out of shop empty-handed By Isobel Frodsham

 Man storms into restaurant with a meat cleaver in Malaysia By Isobel Frodsham

Jesus gets his cross stuck in metro ceiling in CologneBy Isobel Frodsham

Meanwhile, the journalist Amanda Devlin from The Sun, who last week covered the Karen Danczuk story of damage to her car, has gone on Twitter to express sycophantic tweets about her own employer among other investigative reports below from both Ms. Devlin and Ms. Frodsham.  We leave it to our readers to judge the quality of this journalism:

Round-up of some of my stories in this week

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  2. Round-up of some of my stories in this week

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