Thursday, 30 March 2017

Ashton Town Hall left structually unsafe after demolition of TAC building!

Cock-up at new admin centre - Ashton-under-Lyne

It seems that construction giant, Carillion, have dropped a huge clanger when they demolished the old 'Tameside Administration Centre' (TAC) in the centre of Ashton-under-Lyne.

We understand that when the old TAC building was being demolished, a joist, that was integral to both the structural stability of  the TAC building and Ashton Town Hall, was removed leaving the old town hall structurally unstable and in a hazardous state.

A source within Tameside Council (TMBC), has told Northern Voices that it will cost around £5m to put things right and to make Ashton Town Hall structurally safe. We understand that Tameside Council are claiming that they are covered by Carillion's liability insurance. In the meantime, Ashton Town Hall is unusable.

Last May, Carillion, came under fire when Russell Scott Primary in Denton, had to close when "significant defects" were found which did not comply with fire regulations. Head teacher, Steve Marsden, said: "An assessment had ruled that the safety of pupils and staff was 'compromised'." 

TMBC and contractors Carillion plc, denied this, and said the school had: "the necessary fire, building control, and other certificates required by law and is insured to operate."

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Anonymous said...

You do have to question the integrity of Tameside MBC when the Chief Executive, Mr Steven Pleasant and a senior officer,Mr Robin Monk, Head of Service and who is responsible for buying and selling and sometimes giving land away to a local charitable housing association, are employed and are shown as Directors of a parent company of Carillion PLC.
This being INSPIREDSPACES TAMESIDE LIMITED (06569789) and also several other associated companies and whose registered address is Carillion House Wolverhampton.
When these multi million pound contracts are given to Carillion for building projects, new schools running Town Halls etc etc, you would think that they,as being Directors of the company that has been appointed,to carry out such works, that they would ensure that it is done to such a high standard that is expected of a prestige development.
On the grapevine, I have heard the Old Town Hall has had serious defects in the structure for some considerable time now, with leaking roofs, brick structures growing trees around the perimeter and that the work recently done in demolishing the TAC building has exacerbated these defects.
I wonder if the powers that be, would wish that this Old Town Hall in Ashton suffers the same fate that the Old Stalybridge Town Hall suffered some years ago when left in a similar condition, when it mysteriously burnt to the ground leaving only the stone pillars standing.?
Ashton Town Hall is now seriously surplus to requirements with staff relocated, museums gone, Mayors Parlour relocated and the once famous great dance floor on the second floor left to rot,suffering more trip hazards than the Grand National Course.
Just my observations.
The Blue Knight.