Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Fighting Fund to Expose Blacklisters

BELOW is a copy of a post on the whistle-blower Alan Wainwright's Blog.  It represents the setting up of a fund to support the legal case against Balfour Beatty Engineering Services Ltd. for their alleged part in the blacklisting of workers in the British building trade.  It is only fair to say that Mr. Wainwright himself has a certain history within the construction industry, but that this background gave him a unique insider's knowledge of how the British blacklist operated to the detriment of the lads on the tools.   We at Northern Voices believe that we live in an imperfect world, and that friends in adversity must come together in a common cause to make a better future for all.

Monday, 13 February 2017


Thanks to Roy Bentham, Tony Seaman and the lads at Unite's Liverpool and Teeside branches for kick starting the fighting fund for the legal work to expose Paul Raby, Gerry Harvey and all the other blacklisters at Balfour Beatty Engineering Services Limited (BBESL).

I've just learned that the entire electrical workforce (some 400 plus) at BBESL's Capenhurst project have passed a motion to support my claim against their employer and collections will start this week. It is hoped that the mechanical (some 200 plus) will follow shortly.

Thank you to everyone who made this happen. 


Alan Wainwright said...

Thanks Brian,

Please note my comments on your "It is only fair to say that Mr Wainwright himself has a certain history within the construction industry", as this could unfairly imply that my involvement with Kerr was greater than it was. As noted in the select committee evidence, my involvement with Kerr was limited to around two to three weeks in 1997, following an instruction to use his services by Tarmac's HR director Frank Duggen. It was then taken away from me and processed via Duggan's office in Wolverhampton.

I've spent nearly twelve years exposing this at a great personal cost, coming up against many from within the trade union movement who would not even acknowledge my efforts let alone help because I've been outspoken about Unite's cover up and trade union complicity.

bammy said...

I think it was right for us to raise the point about 'history' because some people have muttered these kind of remarks, and by putting it out there it provides the chance to counter any possible complaints in advance. It's better than letting it fester.

Alan Wainwright said...


Good point. Mutterers spreading exaggerated untruths are of no help. Happy to come to any meeting and answer any questions anyone may have.

Derek Pattison - Joint Editor said...

I feel compelled to comment. There is no doubt that Mr. Wainwright's help in exposing this blacklisting scandal, was absolutely invaluable to many building workers. This was because he was a 'blacklister' turned 'whistleblower' and had valuable inside information. However, when he gave evidence to the Scottish Affairs Select Committee, he was asked at what point he realised that there was something reprehensible or immoral about blacklisitng construction workers.

Many people (including those on the SASC) felt that he did not act as he did, because his conscious pricked him, but because he had been shit on by the company he worked for when he raised the issue of alleged corrupt practices and they took detrimental action against him. Some people feel that he really blew the whistle because he was a disgruntled employee who wanted to get back at the company that he worked for.

There is nothing surprising about this and people often do blow the whistle for similar and not unrelated reasons, rather than acting in the public interest.

Mr Wainwright refers to his meeting with Ian Kerr. As I understand it, Kerr said in his evidence to the SASC, that Mr. Wainwright had said that Tarmac (the company he worked for, now Carillion) did not need his services because they had their own information about construction workers and could operate their own blacklist.

Understandably, Mr Wainwright will now want to minimise his involvement in this scandalous practice of blacklisting, and engage in ex-post facto rationalisations. No doubt, Alan will be happy to expand on these matters and answer questions about this, when he meets trades unionist to talk about his role in the blacklisting of construction workers.