Monday, 12 September 2016

Mr Dale's Diary

This is the diary of a man of our times.  Any resemblance to anyone living is, of course, purely coincidental.
Monday 12th September 2016

 Moaning Minnies at it again, but a quiet weekend and week really.  Need to keep my head down sometimes (and my trousers up according to my man!).  Still, I need more money, seems my ex has suddenly discovered that she needs more financial help!

After giving advice to a colleague, a kindred spirit, I have had an idea.  Yes, I, not my man, have had an idea!  Why not offer to write an agony aunt’s (uncle) column in a newspaper. I have plenty of experience to draw on in so many ways.  A successful and great man like myself can give advice on dealing with problems and how to get round them.  Whatever the issue, it can be got round. I find carrying on regardless seems to be the best policy.  Just ignore the critics, they are so insignificant and unimportant compared to ME.  Another option is to know the guilty secrets of those around you. Look out Big Man and Ginge and my exes!

Talking of Laurel and Hardy, they are up to something with regard to what should be my the ME Park.  If they do something else with the area, there had better be a considerable wad in it for me.  I have not given up my ambitions yet. It could be a money spinner at Christmas as Santa’s grotto.  It’s big enough for reindeer, even a Christmas market.  I have the Big Man down as Santa, Ginge and ‘my man’ would make fine elves as would some nice young ladies.

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