Friday, 23 September 2016

Conference on Bullying & Blacklisting

by Brian Bamford
ON my way to the University of Greenwich for the conference organised by the Blacklist Support Group, I picked up a copy of the Morning Star with a leading story about an undercover policeman who had used the alias Carlo Neri, who had successfully seduced three women to infiltrate the RMT  trade union and other leftist organisations in the early years of the 21st century.  When I got to the conference a lass he targeted who used the name 'Andrea' described how he won her over with his plausible Italian personality. 
More revelations of the involvement of the security services and the police in the practice of blacklisting trade unionists and spying on radical organisations have been documented in the 2nd  edition of 'Blacklisted:  The Secret War Between Big Business & Union Activists' authored by Dave Smith and the journalist Phil Chamberlain.
The Blacklisting conference itself which lasted for two days last weekend, was attended by well over 200.  The Conference Programme was populated by many academics like Pro. Sian Moore (University of Greenwich), Dr. Jack Fawbert (Anglia Ruskin University), Pro. Keith Ewing (Kings College London) and Pro. Phil Taylor (Strathclyde University); trade union leaders like Gail Cartmail of Unite, Amanda Brown (Assistant General Secretary of the NUT), Roger McKenzie (Unison) and Matt Wrack of the FBU; legal advisers like the barrister David Renton and Shamik Dutta; and activists like Helen Steel of the 'McDonald Two' and a participant in the Pitchford Enquiry.
Issues such as bullying at work; the tragedy of modern performance management and its consequences for the workforce; Edna's Law; protection for whistle-blowers; the campaign opposing police surveillance; 'Angry Women' and the Pitchford Enquiry were all discussed at the conference.  All in all I told Dave Smith in the interval that this was another triumph for the London based Blacklist Support Group, and as a proud northerner I don't give my praise to Cockneys that easily.
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Tameside said...

Infiltration by the state is a problem common to many parties and groups. Yet no-one takes it seriously. It is time it was.

Activists much learn to spot the repeated hallmarks of a state asset,

To get the ball rolling I will mention:-

1 Have both plenty of time to spend on "the cause " and plenty of money. The first situation is explained away by "unemployment" so where does the cash come from?

2 Have access to a vehicle esp a van , which they are overgenerous in loaning out or using.

3 Ex ( disillussioned) forces. Keen to organise "action"

4 Keen but "accident prone" Watch out for "Masterly inactivity" where a lot of work is done with no effect. Unwinnable campaigns, pickets with no response etc are two examples. The BNP "Marmite" incident reeks of this.

5 Remember the state wants spies but positvely drools over "Agents of influence".