Monday, 5 September 2016

Danczuk defends Mr. Vazeline!

11-hours ago The Sun ran a story by Jonathan Reilly entitled:  'MR VAZELINE Who is Keith Vaz?'

and the Sunday Mirror reported:  'Voters overwhelmingly agreed yesterday that the veteran Labour MP for Leicester East must stand down in the wake of the Sunday Mirror’s revelations that he met male prostitutes .'
AT the same time, the small-time slippery MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk, dived-in declaring his compassion for 'Mr. Vazeleine'.  Mr. Danczuk, who has had his own private life problems and is currently suspended from the Labour Party because of communications with a prostitute over the trafficking of toe nails among other things, told to Stig Abell on LBC yesterday:  'It’s not a nice position to be in, under the scrutiny around your personal, private life,' he said, adding that more compassion was needed around these issues.
Yet, The Sun journalist Mr Reilly also reports of Keith Vaz, the Labour MP for Leicester East 'Slippery MP smeared with 30 years of sleaze – from expenses scandals to poppers and sex with male prostitutes.   Throughout his 29-year political career the veteran MP has been caught up in sleaze and cash scandals.' 
And Mr. Reilly adds:

'Last night he was hoping to perform the greatest Houdini act of his 29-year political career following the sex and drugs revelations involving two male prostitutes.'

Now, Mr. Danczuk calls for compassion for politicians like Keith Vaz and himself, who have been caught out while what some would call 'living the good life' while drawing their expenses.  Both Danczuk and Keith Vaz have form when it comes to expenses:  Today, Jonathan Reilly writes about Keith Vaz: 

'The most notorious probe was in 2001 after two Indian billionaires applied for British passports.  He intervened on their behalf and it later emerged the pair had paid £1,200 to a company run by his wife Maria.  The MP quit as Tony Blair’s Minister for Europe at the height of the row but was cleared of failing to declare the cash to watchdogs.  Eight years later he was engulfed in the MPs’ expenses scandal.  But again he emerged unscathed.'
And the Daily Mirror has recently reported of Simon Danczuk: 'The Rochdale MP claimed for the most first class journeys of any MP in the country - and made the third highest cash claim overall.'  and 'Suspended MP Simon Danczuk claimed nearly £10,000 on train journeys last year...the most of any politician in the country '
No wonder these politicians stick-up for each other.

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