Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Keith Vaz's 'financial affairs are [a] mystery'

TODAY's The Sun newspaper reports MP Andrew Bridgen as saying:
'It is clear Keith Vaz’s financial affairs are an enigma wrapped in mystery.
'This raises many questions but we are getting very few answers from Mr Vaz.'
Keith Vaz and his wife Maria Fernandes own a £2.1million family home in London – as well as flats in the city and properties in Leicester.
One of the London flats has been at the centre of a scandal after Vaz paid and met two Eastern European male prostitutes there for sex.
An investigation by The Sun found Fernandes invested in the Goa property nine years ago.
This gated complex, which comes complete with a stunning swimming pool, is situated in the Sunset Meadows development at Betalbatim.
Fernandes owns a three-storey villa that lies 500m from the beach.
A neighbour claims Vaz entertains politicians and celebrities, including Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan, at the colourful house.
Anarchists must wonder whether Keith Vaz and Simon Danczuk are the tip of a rather squalid parliamentary iceberg.

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