Friday, 2 September 2016

Re-selection: Danczuk cited as example!

NOT surprisingly, Simon Danczuk thinly disguised, features in a book by David Osland (pseudonym) as an example of an MP whose constituency party may want to get shut of. 
See the text below:
‘How to Select or Reselect Your MP’:
‘If you are reading this, chances are either you are not entirely happy with your Westminster representative’s performance, or you know or suspect that your Constituency Labour Party will need to choose a new candidate next time round, for any one of a range of reasons.’
Then the writer suggests:
‘Let’s consider possible causes for disgruntlement. Perhaps your MP is somewhat slothful, or unduly fond of subsidised House of Commons booze, or a tad too keen on sending racy text messages to teenage dominatrices from lonely Spanish hotel bedrooms, ...’
Those of us living in the Rochdale constituency of Mr. Danczuk know that far from wanting to be rid of him, the local party leaders are, on the face of it, standing firmly behind their MP. 
Only last week, Simon Danczuk, was spotted drinking in the Regal Moon pub in Rochdale Town Centre, with the likes of Richard Farnell, the Labour leader of Rochdale Town Council, and other party cronies. 
Indeed, the bosses of the local Labour Party seem only too happy to embrace the disgraced MP, and have stuck-up for him in the local media decrying the tabloid press for delving into Mr. Danczuk's private life.
It seems that a creaking gate like Danczuk, lasts longest in the North of England.

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