Sunday, 1 May 2016

Vote For Who Does The Cuts!

Letter to Rochdale Observer:
20th, April 2016.
Dear Editor,
READING Phill Bethell and Stewart Robinson's letters (Your Views April 16th, and 20th) mocking Councillor Andy Kelly and defending the local Labour-controlled Council, is like perusing the script of a performance of the Theatre of the Absurd.  It smacks of desperation, and by ignoring the Conservatives and concentrating on the Liberal Democrats, it makes Councillor Andy Kelly seem like a Giant among Pygmies.
In his own column, Simon Danczuk, still suspended by the Labour Party, writes:
'The big decisions might be made in Westminster but it is in town halls up and down the country where these polices become reality.'
The 'reality', which the honourable member for Rochdale does not spell out, is that the town's citizens may have the luxury of choosing between whether in future the council cuts are to be imposed by an administration led by Labour Councillor Richard Farnell or perhaps alternatively by Ashley Dearnley for the Tories.
In that context, it may well be that Councillor Andy Kelly's early departure from the town hall chamber was a rational move.
If my branch was based in Rochdale, I would fear for my members whoever gains power.
Yours faithfully,
Brian Bamford:  Secretary Bury Unite Commercial Branch.

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