Wednesday, 18 May 2016

EU Immigration has no negative impact on British wages, Jobs or Public Services, says LSE report!

A report, by the London School of Economics, has dispelled a number 
of ‘myths’ or misconceptions about the impact of immigration on the 

It has been published as part of a series of research publications 
to be released between now and the EU referendum on 23 June. Key 
findings have included that wage variations for British workers have 
little correlation to immigration rates and are instead primarily 
linked to overriding economic factors such as the global economic 

The report’s authors also state that rather than being a 
burden on resources, immigrants pay more in taxes than they use in 
public services and play a vital role in reducing the budget deficit.
Report author Jonathan Wadsworth said: 

“The bottom line, which may surprise many people, is that EU immigration has not harmed the pay, jobs or public services enjoyed by Britons. EU immigrants pay more in 
taxes than they use in public services and therefore they help to 
reduce the budget deficit. So, far from being a necessary evil that we pay to get access to the 
greater trade and foreign investment generated by the EU single 
market, immigration is at worse neutral and at best, another economic 

Read more: Siobhan Fenton, Independent,

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Carl Faulkner said...

Is this the same LSE that has received £14 million from the EU? The same LSE that received millions from the Ghadaffi regime and then awarded Saif Ghadaffi a 'dodgy' PHD degree?

An impartial institution?