Thursday, 26 May 2016

Sean Taylor & the Blacklist Anthem

SEAN Taylor, the critically acclaimed singer songwriter has written a campaign song for the Blacklist Support Group that is set to become an anthem for our movement.  
Blacklist Number 1 - Sean Taylor 
Available as a download single from 3rd June (video & remixes coming soon) 

Sean Taylor explained his reasons for writing the song:
'The Blacklisting campaign stands alongside Hillsborough, Orgreave and Bloody Sunday. The song is an act of solidarity and resistance.
Plus Dave kept hassling me.'

Dave Smith, secretary Blacklist Support Group gushed:
'In decades from now Blacklist Number 1 will be part of the standard repertoire for protest singers. The song is about the blacklisting scandal in the UK construction industry but it will quickly become an anthem wherever workers are victimised for standing up for their rights. Expect to hear the instantly sing-along chorus on picketlines from the US and Australia to South Africa. It'd make a great soundtrack in a film. 
Blacklist Support Group are privileged that such talented world class music professionals have been prepared to support our fight for justice. Thank you and take a bow.'

Written & Performed by Sean Taylor
Produced by Gerry Diver at Tunehouse Studio in London
Mastered by the legendary Mark Hallman in Austin, Texas
Video by Shaun Dey, Reel News
Artwork by blacklisted construction worker Stewart Hume 
All rights & proceeds to Blacklist Support Group

Sean Taylor appears on stages around the world including the iconic Acoustic Stage at Glastonbury Festival. The singer songwriter's music regularly appears on radio, where his haunting guitar sound (reminiscent of John Martyn) has been championed by Bob Harris on Radio 2. In 2013, Sean released a blues version of You'll Never Walk Alone in support of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. 

The official music video for Blacklist Number 1 has been produced by Shaun Dey from the video activist collective Reel News previously responsible for videos for bands such as Alabama 3 and DC Ruts. Shaun's activist reportage of the blacklisting scandal has been shown at the V&A, Banksy's Dismaland and Shangri-La at Glastonbury Festival. 

Journalists and DJs - please contact BSG or Sean Taylor for pre-release review copies.

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