Monday, 23 May 2016

Support for 'Hard Working' Rochdale MP

IN January, at a full meeting of Rochdale Council, Richard Farnell, the leader of the Council, said:
'MR. Danczuk (the MP for Rochdale) has a lot on his plate at the moment!' and 'I support any member of Parliament who works hard for this Borough.  I remember working with Geoffery Dickens (a former local Tory MP for Littleborough & Saddleworth)...  Simon Danczuk trounced Councillor Kelly... (at the General Election'.
He  was answering a question from Councillor Andy Kelly, Liberal Democrat, about his own support for the member of Parliament and dismissing Councillor Kelly's question as 'irrelevant'.  At that time the notorious Mr. Danczuk MP had just been suspended by the Labour Party for sexting a 17-year-old girl.
Hard working indeed; yesterday the Zelo-Street Blog reported on Mr Danczuk's recent conduct: 
'Take the issue of MP surgeries, a vital part of any Parliamentarian’s work, and one where Danczuk’s priorities have suddenly slipped. Last week, constituents who expected their MP to hold his surgery on the usual day - Friday - were disappointed to see him Tweeting “Busy weekly surgery today with @elsiewraighte: immigration; tenancy issues; housing benefit; Crown Prosecution Service decision; & more”, but on Thursday.

'Why would he hold his weekly surgery a day early? We had to wait until Saturday for the answer, when he again took to Twitter to tell “Really enjoyed watching @englandcricket yesterday & well done to @jbairstow21 & @jimmy9”.  Yes, when his constituents might have expected Simon Danczuk to be in Rochdale, listening to their problems and addressing their concerns, he was at Headingley watching the cricket.'
That's what you call flexible working conditions, a bit different from Zero Hours contracts. 

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