Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Jack Sheppard Bristol Event

Escape was on Everyone's Mind: The Tale of Jack Sheppard
Paper theatre by Otherstory
Sat 14th May 2.30 pm at Southbank, Dean Lane, Bristol BS3 1DB
Post show discussion led by Roger Ball of Bristol Radical History Group

SEE how an ordinary apprentice carpenter became the legendary jail breaker and hero of the people. Witness his daring and miraculous escapes! Watch him outwit judges, jailers and the Thief-taker General – until the hangman’s noose beckons and it’s now or never, neck or nothing…

18th Century London, its rebellious mobs, rapacious merchants and well-fed judges, are brought to vivid life on a table. The use of simple cut-out puppets and zigzagging set leads the audience through unexpected turns among the characters, institutions, and dodgy deals of a time of upheaval: a time with parallels to our own.

"Beautiful sets accompany a funny but searing critique of mercantile London in the 18th Century via the hidden history of the peoples' hero Jack Sheppard" - Roger Ball, BRH
"Intimate, intricate and insurrectionary...set in a Hogarth-like landscape of love, intrigue and revolution" - Hilary Ramsden, George Ewart Evans Storytelling Centre

£8 or £5 concessions (but no-one turned away for lack of funds). Show is for adults and older children.
Show lasts 70 minutes - plus post show discussion
To book tickets, and to view trailer, go to https://otherstory.org/

Note: this event is not organised by BRHG

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