Thursday, 26 May 2016

Daily Mirror Campaign

by Les May
IN a world where you can speak to someone in Australia whilst walking down the street carrying a mobile phone smaller than a bar of chocolate it is hard to believe that well within living memory the daily news was sent to British ships throughout the world by hand sent morse-code at about 12 words per minute.  That's nearly five minutes for the above sentence.  (A good operator might manage 25+ words per minute, but that's still two minutes.)
Because it was such a slow process the copy had to be factual and succinct.  After what we know about Robert Maxwell's antics at the Daily Mirror it is equally hard to believe that at the time the Mirror was viewed as having both these desirable qualities.
But the Mirror has come a long way since Maxwell took his last midnight swim and has the distinction of being the only mass circulation paper that is broadly sympathetic to Labour. 
It's latest campaigning headline is 'Be part of the Daily Mirror People's Electoral Commission and help us investigate alleged Tory election fraud'.  It seems that Mirror Online wants to publish the electoral spending returns of every one of this Government's 330 MPs - so that they can be held to account on their spending.
It appears that 11 police forces are now investigating allegations that some Tory MPs broke the rules on declaring election spending.  But time is running out because the authorities have just one year from the date the spending return was filed to launch an investigation and by June 11 it will be too late.
If you are interested in helping the Mirror's campaign or would just like to know what it is about then follow the links below.
Good hunting! 

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