Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Bury Bin Boss Bans Bad Publicity!

Daily Mail reports on how Labour Council Clamps Down on Truth
HE is the man behind the UK’s first three-weekly rubbish collection service, a scheme that has left angry residents picking their way through stinking heaps of refuse. 
And now Glenn Stuart, waste ‘tsar’ for Bury, Greater Manchester, has revealed how he cracked down on negative publicity for the controversial scheme – by trying to stop photographs like (the one below) of the town’s overflowing bins.

Mr Stuart’s positive spin on his unpopular decision has gone down well in the waste-collection world.  At a conference in London last week, he was applauded by local authority executives as he boasted:
‘Any problem was nipped in the bud.  We didn’t allow photographs of overflowing bins.’

He claimed this had been achieved by showing families how to deal more efficiently with their rubbish.

But campaigners said the Labour council had tried to banish damaging images by warning people that only those bins where the lids closed fully would be emptied – a threat that had forced some families to keep rubbish indoors until the dustcart’s next visit, or take it to the tip themselves.

And despite Mr Stuart’s attempts to impose a positive spin, local activists have shared with The Mail on Sunday these pictures of Bury’s rubbish piles, two years after the scheme was introduced.

Jason Turner, who organised a 6,000-signature petition against the idea, said:
‘The council has duped the public all the way along and this latest news smacks of a cover-up. I’m all in favour of recycling but I’ve been making several trips each month to the tip since this scheme started. I’m doing the council’s job for them.’

Last night, an unrepentant Mr Stuart warned that an emptying service every three weeks – already adopted by other councils – would soon be standard practice across Britain, adding:
‘I have had lots of requests for information from colleagues in other authorities.’

And he warned that he may get tougher still to force the people of Bury into recycling, saying: ‘People have been given ample opportunity to fall in line.  We need to formulate a plan of action in terms of enforcement.’

The scheme’s opponents claim it has led to an increase in rat infestation.  Iain Gartside, leader of the Conservative group on Bury council, said:
‘It’s an absolutely disgrace, with overflowing bins and increased fly-tipping.’

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