Friday, 6 May 2016

Local election results

THE Shadow Scottish secretary and Labour's only MP in Scotland, Ian Murray, said:  'I don't think that the public see the UK Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn at the moment as being a credible party of future government in 2020.'

Last night, the Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson became the main opposition party leader at Holyrood as Labour slumped into third place in Scottish Parliament polls. 

A symbolic result in Wales, meant that Labour lost the Rhondda seat in the Welsh Assembly to Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, and saw the Scottish National Party pull off a clean sweep of seats in its one-time working-class stronghold of Glasgow. 

Labour also lost seats in England and Wales, while avoiding the catastrophic defeat some had suggested.  There was little change for the ruling Conservatives in England and Wales.

At this stage in the life of a parliament it might have been expected that the main opposition party would be gaining seats from the governing party.

Addressing supporters in Sheffield after a dismal night for Labour, Jeremy Corbyn has confessed that the party has 'a lot of building to do'.

Despite the excitement of some in the Labour Party over Jeremy Corbyn's leadership Northern Voices' still hold to the view that the Labour as a progressive party has outlived its mission.

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