Monday, 26 January 2015

Link to ‘Freedom’ 1886-2014: An Obituary

by David Goodway

A subscriber to Freedom for more than fifty years, David Goodway laments the end of one of the world’s oldest left-wing papers:


The final Freedom
The final Freedom
It has been announced by Freedom, arguably the longest running left periodical in Britain, that the March-April 2014 issue will be its last. The paper has been in trouble for some years. Now with a mere 225 subscribers, a print-run of about 1,000 and annual losses of £3,500 it is intended to produce an online version accompanied by an occasional free news-sheet. This is an odd situation since there must be a greater number of conscious anarchists nowadays than at any previous time in British history, while in addition there are many more natural anarchists, people who, though not identifying themselves as anarchists, think and behave in significantly anarchist ways.

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Zyzzyzus floridanus said...

Letter to Vernon Richards from George Orwell:

'Thanks so much for your letter, & the press-cuttings. Yes, I got the copy of the memorial number (of FREEDOM) all right.

'Sell as many photos as you can. It doesn't cost me anything, & is all advertisament... I am afraid some of the U.S. Republican papers have tried to use '1984' as propaganda against the Labour Party, but I have issued a sort of dementi which I hope will be printed.

'Yes, send me a list of questions & I'll do my best. You will understand that I can't answer at great length. The more this issue is cleared up the better...'