Friday, 16 January 2015

Email to Channel 4 News:

Sent to Northern Voices by Trevor Hoyle
Ms Newman,

In tonights's Snowmail (1), referencing the Paris shootings, you say:

"Netanyahu visits Paris terror attack site...Some of those leaders have stayed on to pay their personal respects after last week's terror attacks".

Will you be highlighting Netanyahu's breathtaking hypocrisy be mentioning the 17 journalists killed by the IDF in Gaza in the last year alone? (2)

I guess not.
"Newman" by name, "Same old same old", by nature.

(2)These 17 Journalists Were Killed by Israel In Gaza

1. Hamid Abdullah Shehab � �Media 24″company.
2. Najla Mahmoud Haj � media activist.
3 Khalid Hamad � the �Kontnao� Media Production company.
4. Ziad Abdul Rahman Abu Hin � al-Ketab satellite channel.
5. Ezzat Duheir � Prisoners Radio.
6. Bahauddin Gharib � Palestine TV.
7 Ahed Zaqqout � veteran sports journalist.
8 Ryan Rami � Palestinian Media Network.
9 Sameh Al-Arian � Al-Aqsa TV.
10 Mohammed Daher � Editor in al-Resala paper.
11. Abdullah Vhjan � sports journalist.
12 journalist Khaled Hamada Mqat- Director of Saja news website.
13. freelance journalist Shadi Hamdi Ayyad.
14 photojournalist Mohammed Nur al-Din al-Dairi � works in the Palestinian Network.
15. journalist Ali Abu Afesh � Doha Center for Media.
16 Italian journalist Simone Camille � photographer in the Associated Press.
17. Abdullah fadel Murtaja.

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