Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Jobcentre staff complain of being intimidated by religious cleric!

 Although most English folk regard Christmas as the season of goodwill, there wasn't much goodwill on display at Ashton-under-Lyne Jobcentre, when a wreath was laid outside the Jobcentre the week before Christmas.

The wreath was laid in memory of those people whose deaths have been linked to the government's austerity policies and benefit sanctions. To mark the event, the Rev. David Grey (pictured with police officer), a former friar from Gorton monastery spoke and called on Jobcentre staff to show humanity and compassion towards the unemployed.

After speaking, Rev Grey, entered the Jobcentre to offer staff  free counselling. We understand that this was abruptly refused. Shortly after, the police arrived and Rev. Grey was told that a complaint had been made by the Jobcentre staff who had claimed that they had felt intimidated and harassed by the Rev Grey, who was dressed in a monks' habit.

The protests outside the Jobcentre having been taking place since last August after a 19-year-old girl had her benefit stopped after telling an employer she was 23-weeks pregnant. Last month, the Morning Star newspaper, reported that G4S staff working at the Jobcentre had threatened protestors with violence. According to the report, a G4S guard was heard to say: "I'm going out there to punch them."

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