Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Inequality & the Green Party

Secretary of Rochdale Green Party's Message:

'Is Britain Too Unequal'! 

It is my belief that raising public awareness of any issue is an important step to creating change, and so I was pleased when I arrived (a bit late!) at 7:30pm on Monday to see the room very near capacity! 
Below, I have included some links to further information about inequality, and about the two organisations that provided speakers for the meeting - Equality North West and Rochdale Green Party. 

It is not my intention to retain your contact details for further use, so if you would like to be kept informed about future events organised by Rochdale Green Party or Equality North West, please let me know by reply. 

With a General Election fast approaching, and inequality a hot topic in the media and with campaign groups, please do think about what you can do over the next few months and beyond in order to bring about the social changes we need to reduce inequality and all the damaging effects that go with it. 
Kind regards,

Andrew Rossall,  Secretary of Rochdale Green Party 

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