Monday, 19 January 2015

Councillor Cleavage Quits Rochdale Council!

TODAY it was reported on the Rochdale-on-line website that Councillor Karen Danczuk the
Kingsway councillor, has announced that she will pack it in as a councillor at the next election.

This follows strong criticism from people in the Labour Party, such as the veteran socialist, Eileen Kershaw, that she was not suitable material as a public representative in the Borough.  Others had raised concerns about her somewhat cavalier conduct both in the council chamber and elsewhere.  Others among us found it all rather entertaining and she cut a rather Mistress Quiggley figure to Simon Danczuk's Falstaff in the politics of Rochdale.

She will be sadly missed!

Councillor Danczuk, was elected as a councillor in 2011, with a majority of 1,458 votes.  She will henceforth be dedicating herself to delivering as landlady of Danczuk's Deli in the Walk in Rochdale town centre.

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