Wednesday, 7 January 2015


IN the Private Eye Rotten Boroughs Awards for 2014 Karen Danczuk has been given the 'SELFIE-PUBLICIST OF THE YEAR' Award.

The Eye reports:
'In June Rochdale Labour councillor Karen Danczuk (wife of MP, Simon) won tabloid fame for posting pictures of her cleavage on Twitter and then, before Christmas, flogging scented postcards of it on eBay for £10 a go.

Not everyone, it seems, were satisfied with this sell-off treat.  Today's edition of the Rochdale Observer reports one disgruntled buyer as saying:
'Not a card but a photocopy on paper.  Item being returned.' 
Another has posted:
'Cheap, badly cut photocopy.  Hope your consituents get a better deal.  Rip off!' 
Today's Rochdale Ob. reports a further buyer as complaining that 'the image was "pixelated" and "printed on low-quality paper".'

Karen claims 95% of her 'customers are extremely happy with their purchase', adding 'I just wish these people would have contacted me first before just leaving bad feedback - I could have tried to resolve the issue then.'

Justifying her scented cleavage sell off Karen says: 
'People ask me for a little picture or a little note all the time.  I'm very business-minded, it's in my blood.'

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John said...

Private Eye plug seems to have done wonders for those wanting to see more of Karen's cleavage, according to viewing figures.

Not to be sniffed at, which I hope can also be said of her smalls, when they go on sale.