Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Lets Play Hypotheticals

by Les May
LET's play hypotheticals and rerun the US presidential election race.


Sarah Palin wins the Republican nomination on a ticket of offering tax breaks to the very wealthy, promising a fence along the Mexican border, no gun control and turning back Obama’s health care reforms.  Bernie Sanders wins the Democrat nomination on a platform of debt free college, tackling income inequality, universal healthcare, campaign finance reform and the Nordic model of social democracy.


A few weeks before the election a video emerges which shows Bernie making some disparaging remarks about women.  Who do you hope wins the presidency?


The rise of identity politics has had a paralysing effect on the political Left.  A less than wholehearted commitment worn on ones sleeve, to feminism, anti-racism and the whole alphabet soup of LGBTQIA+ is enough to sideline a wholehearted commitment to economic equality.  The sad thing is that whilst politics can do very little to change personal attitudes it can do a great deal to change the economic prospects for millions of people irrespective of their sex, ethnic origins or sexual orientation.


So in our little game who would you want to win the presidency?




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