Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Danczuk's Scandal in the United Kingdom

The British MP who obsesses on women & sex
(from the Spanish newspaper El Español dated 1st, August 2016)
Translated by B. Bamford
SUSPENDED by the Labour Party for maintaining a correspondence with a minor, now (Rochdale MP) Simon Danczuk who finished up with a flow of new lovers that denounced his obsession.  'He's just mad about sex', said one of them.
His sexual obsessions caused his suspension of his affiliation from the Labour Party.  But nothing helps, because the British MP, Simon Danczuk (49-years), always goes back to his old ways. After a few weeks he contacted a 22-year-old girl on Twitter, and finished up spending hours exchanging messages and he wrote:  'You have made me horny'.  The tone reached fever pitch and the MP ended up having it off with the girl on his constituency office table.  The thing is that his sexual problems always finish-up appearing in the pages of the press.  And this is in a conservative country like Great Britain, paying the price.
Apart  from this, the Danczuk office is also the place of work of his official lover (Karen Danczuk) who costs £22,000 (a year) in public funding.   And she isn't embarrassed at all with the warning signs of hairs on the office desk.  'He's mad about sex', she declared to The Sun: 'I feel privileged to be with such a well known member of parliament.  Yet I can see  that it was irresponsible... not right to use his official like an “sexual apartment”.'
They both admit exchanging up to 6,000 telephonic messages in which they talked of sex in a direct and explicit manner.  Including when she engaged in conversations on other questions like Brexit for example.  The youngster was concerned  about the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, and how it might effect the status of Britain in respect of Eurovision:  'You  fuck hard but without being able to think about the Eurovision bitch', she answered him.
The girl, admitted that he 'attached' a lot to these types of relationships and had contacted her for the first time from his office after consuming two bottles of wine.  In this respect it is his dependence on alcohol, which Danczuk blames when he comes to justify himself for his sexual aberrations.  And he drinks a lot.
The history of the Danczuks is extensive.  In 2006 he married Sonia Milewski, with whom he remained until 2010, and they had two children.  They separated over his infidelities.  He repeated this history with Karen Burke (Danczuk), whom he married in 2010, the same year he became the Member of Parliament for Rochdale. Karen is known as 'The Queen of the Selfies' for her passion for portraying and displaying her photos on the internet.  Above all they are provocative.  With Karen (Danczuk) he also has two children, but they divorced in December 2015.  This same month one of his other lovers (maybe she thought she was his only one) ditched him for his infidelity.
The women in his life began to contact the press to tell their stories about an intimate life experiences and tell of very active sex..  But apparently this is not enough (for the MP), and he ended-up with an adolescent aged 17-years.  This is the relationship that cost Danczuk:  (for this) the Labour Party suspended his membership in December 2015.    As a consequence he was denounced by young Sophena Houlihan, to whom the MP sent tens of sexually explicit messages after she approached his office in pursuit of work.
In the circumstances a work by Danczuk having been responsible for the formation of a controversial commission that is tasked with investigating the abuse of minors in Great Britain by political VIPs.  This work, admitted (Danczuk), had provoked his depression owing to the stress.  In 2012, he published a book in which he revealed the dark side of his predessesor (Cyril Smith):  who was a serial pederast.
His recent history that has come out into the light has now cost (Danczuk) dear.  This is because of the girl that has recounted to The Sun the tale his (sexual) relations both up there in his constituency office and also in his own home (with the kids upstairs) in the house that he shared for years with his own wife.  Whatever, the girl has said that when they split up he showed great sadness.  'I believe he's obsessed with having sex with me', lamented the young girl to the newspaper.
The history is clear and if anyone looks back, they will see the political journey of Danczuk as full of danger.  In 2010, for example, the Labour MP, Nigel Griffins (61-years), stood down after admitting he had been unfaithful to his wife in his office in the House of Commons.
For now, Danczuk has had to defend himself against the accusation of indiscretion and fiscal fraud.  He has said that the allegations are malicious and represent a criticism of his private life that are 'a bit colourful'.   But let us say:  in a conservative country like Great Britain, the road of  Danczuk doesn't seem to have much future.

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