Thursday, 27 October 2016

Danczuk Ducks Out of Debate!

SIMON DANCZUK wrote an undated response on House of Common's note-paper to Inspector Ian Hanson's request for an open debate in a Manchester Hotel which we reproduced:  see below or at   Simon DanczukVerified account @SimonDanczuk Oct 21
My response to Ian Hanson, of , refusal to publicly debate poor policing around child abuse

Dear Mr Hanson,
Thank you for letter regarding a debate on the recent investigation into historic child abuse at Knowl View residential school.
Unfortunately, you have failed to grasp the sprit of my request.  This was driven by the public interest rather than satisfying your members.  We really need to move away from an inward looking, defensive and institutional approach and ensure the public understand how the police reach decisions regarding serious crimes like child abuse.  That’s why a wider debate is needed.
With that in mind, it is clearly not appropriate for me to debate simply with a lot of police officers as part of a formal police meeting.  The perpetuates the problem of a mind-set which thinks the police doesn’t have to answer to the wider public.
It is my understanding that you were asked earlier today to appear on a television news programme tonight to debate this issue with me – but you refused.
Could I ask why you reached this decision?  It would habve been an opportunity to speak to the public at large in a critically important matter where it’s acknowledged there’s low public confidence.
Simon Danczuk

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